Snoring is not only annoying, but it keeps your partner awake for a long time before they are overwhelmed by sleep. If you snore, you realize that you never sleep peacefully since your partner will keep on interrupting your sleep as he/she tries to stop you from snoring. Due to airway obstruction, your body struggle to get enough oxygen, and it does not recharge fully. Snoring has negative effects to your health but with effective anti-snoring mouthpiece; you can improve both your health and the quality of your sleep.

It can be challenging to decide which anti-snoring mouthpiece to buy since there many of them on the market. If you have tried several of them and you have been disappointed with the results, then that means you have not yet tried VitalSleep. The following VitalSleep mouthpiece reviews will give you more than enough reasons why you should buy it, and you and your partner enjoy the sleep you deserve.

What Is VitalSleep?

VitalSleep is “FDA cleared” anti-snoring mouthpiece. It is popular and best because of its adjustable fit that eliminates snoring and enables its user to have uninterrupted sleep. It has perfect results due to how it holds your lower jaw slightly forward as you sleep, which helps to open the airway and prevent you from snoring. When your airway is open, you not only stop snoring, but also ensure that your lungs receive enough oxygen as you sleep peacefully.

Why You Should Choose VitalSleep Instead Of Other Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

The first and most significant advantage over other mouthpieces is the fact that it has 2 size options; regular and small sizes. Regular size is recommended for men while small size is recommended for women. You might be asking yourself. “Will either of these sizes provide a perfect fit?” Well, with the utilization of boil-and-bite technique that it employs, you can customize the size of the mouthpiece you choose. Boil-and-bite is a very simple process that enables you to get actual and comfortable fit of the VitalSleep stop snoring mouthpiece.

Does VitalSleep Really Work?

Another feature that distinguishes it from other mouthpieces is the ability for adjustment of the lower jaw. This makes the anti stop snoring mouthpiece more effective and comfortable. You are easily able to make these adjustments with the help of Hex tool that is included when you buy VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece.

While some anti-snoring mouthpieces require you to breathe through your nose, it has air hole that allows you to either breathe through your nose or mouth. If a mouthpiece cannot allow you to breathe through your mouth, it will not be suitable for people with nose injury, nasal polyps or deviated septum among other.

Unlike some anti-snoring mouthpieces, it is made of thermoplastic that is assured to be BPA-free and latex-free. The thermoplastic material used is very smooth and doesn’t irritate your gum at all.

You will realize that you will neither droll nor feel bulky in your mouth when you use it, unlike other mouthpieces.

With all the above advantages over other anti-snoring mouthpieces, you must have VitalSleep for you or your partner and get to enjoy your sleep fully.

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Price And Warranty

When you decide to buy 1 Vital Sleep mouthpiece, you will be charged $59.95 or $99.95 for 2. To ship it, you will also be charged $7.95 or $19.90 for express mail.

It comes with a guarantee and warranty of 30 days to refund your money if you are not fulfilled by its performance and a whole year of 100% free replacements and shipping of the same.

The price is right for what the it will deliver. The guarantee and warranty are evidence that it is the best mouthpiece in the market for you to buy and say goodbye to interrupting snores while you sleep.

Comparison Chart

VitalSleep Comparision Chart

Features And Advantages Of Purchasing VitalSleep Mouthpiece

  • It is made of thermoplastic material that is smooth and latex-free and BPA-free.
  • The material used to make it does not irritate your gum.
  • It has the option of 2 sizes.
  • It has the capability of lower jaw adjustment.
  • It is 100% manufactured, assembled and sourced in the US.
  • It has a guarantee of 30 days money back.
  • You don’t need special cleaning products; you can easily clean it with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • You can customize it to fit your mouth perfectly through boil-and-bite technique.
  • United State Food and Drug Administration have cleared it.
  • Offer a 1-year free replacements that include shipping.
  • It can be worn by people who snore and have partial dentures.
  • You can exchange for free if you get the wrong size.
  • It has a breathing hole that can allow you to either breathe through your nose or mouth while you are asleep.
  • Its design can allow side-to-side jaw movements.

VitalSleep is without a doubt the best anti-snoring solution that is affordable and effective. Click on the button below to take advantage of the special offer we have for you.

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